Quarantine projects 2020 and continuing in 2021 by Susan Gold shared to many, many Mail Art Calls and Individuals internationally. These artist-actions, in the form of thoughtful and creative “Calls” and Projects, brought artists together to work through the pandemic.

USTED ESTA AQUI is a 2021 project from Spain. It follows the 2020 GIVE ME A HAND project.

Connection / Solitude Zine, Germany

Pandemic ART Cards



Pandemic Valentines: available @ www.NancyJohns.com

The Roundness Project

“Roundness” is a group pandemic project, published on YUMPU. It will be exhibited at La Maison Gallery in Winnipeg in May 2021.

From my Quarantine available @ www.NancyJohns.com


Summer Studio 2020