May 1st International Labour Day!

conneXion Project for May 1st
Let’s make Canada a Zone for Peace
Urban Gardening connects us with our past, our community, the land and the natural world


Espérer! Celebrating Francophonie Language in March 2022




BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2022 One ten park Celebrates Community! BLACK HISTORY is all of our HISTORY

The Community Quilt now hangs in Sandwich First Baptist Church, a site of the Underground Railroad in Windsor



Repeatedly Tipping My Hat for ART’s 1,000,059th Birthday!

Announcing! Project will be housed in the ARTCITE INC Archive!


Repeatedly Tipping y





one ten park : a working space  Projects & Thematic Installations.

Holiday Sale 2021 (see Holiday Sale page for details)

Apercu! Jardinage urbain, Oct 2021

CUBA Si! A Mail Art Display for Cuba’s Henry Reeves International Medical Brigade.

Henry Reeves Medical Brigade Nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.

FLUXUS Celebrating ART’s 1,000,058 (JAN 17th) during the PANDEMIC 2021 and before:

one ten park : a working space was founded in 2012 by artists, Arturo Herrera, Susan Gold, Collette Broeders, and  Alana Bartol. Currently one ten park is inhabited by, Susan Gold, Linda Renaud Fisher, and Stephen Gibb.

The following are a selection of one ten park Windows on Windsor Projects which include studio artists and their many friends.


Remembering the life work of Evelyn McCLean, our community’s heritage champion, with a display by Linda Renaud Fisher.


Closing out the year 2020 with, A Sneak Peek, LInda Renaud Fisher and Susan Gold:



Rasemblez vous en toute securite. Gather Safely, Linda Renaud / Susan Gold, 9/2020


Collaboration Susan Gold, Linda Renaud Fisher, Kewy Janisse 2020

Pieds a Terre, 2020 TBA

Dwelling Window installations, Susan Gold 2018

DeCentralized NetWork Congress 2012

Maps and Murders installtion by Josie Hazen, 2019

Remembrance Day 2018

Susan Gold and Collette Broeders, 2019




Holiday windows Arturo Herrera and Susan Gold, 2012

Holiday Windows, various years

Dwelling Project, May 2018, Selections from the Artcite Residency in April: Broeders, Carr, Gold, Opeiko, Provost, Smith, Stevens.

Black History Month 2019, Fabric work, #44, by Carole Harris (right);Community Unity Quilt (left)

Day W/O Art World Aids Day at one ten park.


Mail Art Projects at one ten park

Fluxus Always at one ten park

Art’s Birthday 2019 Creating an Ikebana arrangement blindfolded performance by Lee Rabideau


Collaborative Projects at one ten park

MayWorks Projects at one ten park 2012 – 2020


Dreaming Green EVENT at one ten park