NOBEL PEACE PROJECT. Formed when US led NATO bombed Yugoslavia.

And now a bloody ANNIVERSARY of 24 years of WAR.




17 01 23 ART’s 1,000,060 Birthday

Wearing Martha Wilson’s HAIR HAT I will post Art’s Birthday gifts to 9 friends in the Flux

Field Study in Australia! Draw one hundred bunnies for 2023

2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Let’s work toward PEACE for ALL!


PLANT A SEED Peace Projects,2022

OCEAN BETWEEN. Pop up exhibit Berlin, 2022

Jardinieres urbaines sent pennant banners!

ADD & PASS with Ray


Year of the TIGER 2022
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DADADADA goes to Kazan Russia Book Project

ARTS 1,000,059 Birthday Tipping my Hat Archive and Bucket gifted to ARTCITE INC 2022

A MailArt project dedicated to Cuba’s International Henry Reeve Medical Brigade.

                                                                                      May Day 2021 Celebrating Cuban Medical Internationalism

A Short History of Nobel Peace Project

Nobel Peace Project was formed by AG Smith and Susan Gold in 1998 after the US and NATO (coalition of the willing) bombing of Yugoslavia. The Village of Nobel Ontario (named for the Swedish Chemist, Alfred Nobel) was the site of the CIL plant which produced cordite for explosives in WWI WWII and later the Vietnam War. The plant is closed now, and Nobel is the site for hundreds of images of PEACE created and mailed through the post (POG 1GO). These mailings have proliferated into interantional exhibitions and printed documentations.

Every project begins with THE CALL 

Documentation goes out to ALL Participants


The Mail Art exhibit is in the Studio WINDOWS on WINDSOR <<one ten park: a working space>> until 6 May 2021



Participants:  Gracias. Merci. Thank you everyone!

Karl Jirgens(Canada), Pedro Bericat (Spain), Bampfa Art Lab (USA), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), Lutz Beeke (Germany), Angela Caporaso, (Italy), Francine Fox ((USA), Neerja Chandna Peters (India), Ryosuke Cohen (Japan),  Rafael Gonzallez (Spain), Giovanni and Renata StraDADA (Italy), John Held (USA), Ruggero Maggi (Italy), Elaine Carr (Canada), Mustafa Atlay (Turkey), Copy Left (Etherial Network), Miche Art Universalis (Belgium), The Wasted Angel (Belgium), Stangroom (USA), Barbara Ihme (Germany), Jan Theuninck (Belgium), Franzen (Netherlands), Kewy Janisse (Canada), Ryosuke Cohen (Japan), Hikmet Sahin (Turkey),  Susan Gold (Canada), Francoise Delacressonniere (Canada), Beatrix Jorge (Cuba), Karen Klein (USA), Tohei Mano (Japan), Domingo Sanz Montero (Spain), Renata di Palma (Italy), Pier Roberto Basso (Italy), Antonio Mousinho (Portugal), Horst Tress (Germany), John Gayner (Finland), Alexandru Jakabhazi (Rumania), Ildiko Biro (Hungary), Tahsin Bozdag (Turkey), Maya Lopez Muro (Italy), Adriana Lucaciu (Rumania), Stella Maris Velasco (Argentina), Lola Pelayo (Mexico), Derya Avci (Turkey), Gersilmar Araujo (Venezuela), Maria Marcela Ahumadu (Argentina), Manuel Xio Blanco (Spain), Mariangeles Metivie (Argentina), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Mary Joyce (Canada), Diance Bertrand (Canada), Jeff Bagato (USA), Torill Elizabeth Larsen (Norway), Connie Jean (USA), Miguel Jimenez (Spain), Anja Mittila-Tolvanen (FInland), Dennis Hunkler (Canada), Jose Antonio Hinjoj (Spain), Fionke (Croatia), Rosa Garcia(Mexico), Eberhard Janke(Germany), Selim Sulaiman (Canada), Enver Villamizar (Canada), Laurent Vaillancourt (Canada), Marco Antonio   (Brazil), Horvath Piroska (Austria), Steve Howell (USA), Laura Cheznik (Canada), Simon Warren (UK), Henry Graham Mermunen (Sweden), Tena Campbell (Canada), Lars Schumacher (Germany), Collette Broeders (Canada), Iain Baxter& (Canada), Susanne Schumacher (Germany), Roberto Formigoni (Italy), Horvath Piroska, (Austria), MIke Dyar EAT ART (USA), Paco Perez Belda (Spain),  Maria Medriatta (Canada)

Susanne Schumacher, Germany

Roberto Formigoni, Italy
Enver Villamizar, Canada
Marco Antonio Scarelli, Brazil

Stamp Sheet from Maya Lopez Muro (Italy)

Lars Schumacher, Germany

Mike Dyar, USA

Derrick C Biso Canada
Collette Broeders, Canada
Tena Campbell
Clemente Padin, Uruguay
Eberhard janke, Germany
Mary Joyce, Canada
Jose Antonio Hinojos Morales, Spain
Laurent Vaillancourt, Canada
Iain Baxter&, Canada
Dennis Hunkler, Canada
Rosa Garcia, Mexico

Selim Sulaiman, Canada
Laura CHeznik, Canada
Horvath Piroska, Austria

Anja Mattila-Tovanen, Finland

T E Larsen, Norway
Diane Bertrand, Canada
Jeff Bagato, USA
Connie Jean, USA
Miguel Jimenez, Spain
Adania Lucaciu, Rumania
Mariangeles Metivie de Parana, Entre Rios Argentina

Karl Jirgens. Canada.

Domingo Sanz Montero, Spain
Stella Maris Velasco, TODOSOMOSUNO, Argentina
Stella Maris Velasco, Argentina

Derya Avci, Turkey

Domingo Sanz Montero, Spain
Beatrix Jorge, Cuba
Renata Di Palma, Italy
John Gayner, Finland

Karen Klein, USA

Susan Gold , Canada
Francoise Delacressonniere,  Homage a Drs Pablo & Tatiana,Quebec, Canada
Tohei Mano, Japan
Tohei Mano, Japan
Tohei Mano, Japan
Tahsin Bozdag, Turkey
Antonio Mousinho,, Portugal
Gersulmar Araujo, Venezuela
HOrst Tress, Germany
Pier Roberto Bassi, Italy
Held. USA.
Gonzalez. Spain.
Roberto Pier Bassi
Nakamura. Japan.
StraDADAs. Italy.
Bericat. Spain.
Nakamura. Japan.
Peters. India
Maggi. Italy.
Maria Marcella Ahumadu, Argentina
Ihme. Germany.
Beeke. Germany.
Caporaso, Italy
Carr, Canada

Mustafa. Turkey.

Linda Renaud Fisher, Canada
Mariangeles Metivie, Argentina
Hikmet Sahn, Turkey
Ildiko Biro, Hungary
Alexandru Jakabhazi, Rumania
Piet Franzen, Netherlands.
Theuninck. Belgium.
Janisse. Canada.
Henry Graham Hermuren, Sweden
Hikmet Sahn, Turkey
Simon Warren UK

Hikmet Sahin, Turkey

Ryosuke Cohen, Japan

Stangroom, USA
Miche-Art-Universalis, Belgium

Josie Hazen created this logo for Canadian Cuban Friendship Association Windsor.

Archived images of the Nobel Peace Project from 1998 to present days

Including street art, agiprops, international exhibitions, mail art calls, publications, actions, and activities.


Mail Art from the Nobel Peace Archive

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