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“Talking to the Wall” series.

Photographic Collage over historic William Morris wall paper.

20 to select from. Iris. Brother Rabbit. Trellis. 30X30″

Unframed. $200 each


Brer Rabbit with Duck and Brer Rabbit with Hare. 30″x40″. Photo on mylar over-painted with oil. unframed. $600. each


In the Museum. oil paint over photographic image on mylar. 30 X 40″ unframed $600
Collage works on hard board, 16 X 14″, $75
Photographic Collage on printed acetate, framed. 40″ x 30″ $75
Collage on hard board with attached object. 10″x 14″ $75
Small collage on canvass, 5″X7″, $60

Moth Series. Acrylic on Canvass assemblage 14″. $60.

Bee, drawing on paper, framed, 2″x 2.5″, $30
Broken Frames. Assemblage. Acrylic on photograph. Many to choose from. Various sizes. Specially priced $25
Roundness is a ratio, photo infused in metal, 18″, ready for hanging. $250
Glass Ornaments priced to sell $5 each



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